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Motherhood & Mental Health Initiative

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Our Purpose

To provide resources and support for women of color who are mothers, mothers to be, or women considering motherhood.

Our Goal

To address and decrease the mental health and social issues among women of color as it relates to motherhood.


To make it easier for women of color who are mothers, mothers to be, or considering motherhood to access mental health and community resources

Individual Services & Groups

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While working with individuals, our licensed clinicians assess for signs and symptoms related to Maternal Mental Health diagnosis such as Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, Psychosis, anxiety etc. 

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Our clinicians work to create a personalized treatment plan to meet specific needs of individuals. Clinicians utilize evidenced based practices in group and individual settings addressing any social or mental health symptoms associated with motherhood. 

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Ask your clinician for access to the Motherhood & Mental Health resources Guide

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Serenity Therapy Services provides outreach programs, providing the community with necessary information and tools while addressing Black Maternal Health and Mental Health disparities within our communities. Be on the lookout for the program! 

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One on One Therapy Sessions

MHMH Group- Specifically open to Black and Brown Women

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Mental Health Diagnosis 

associated with motherhood

Baby Blues-The non-disorder

Perinatal Mood Disorders

Anxiety Disorder

Social Issues

associated with motherhood

History of mental health diagnosis

Limited social interaction

Relationship issues

Family issues

Cultural consideration

History of trauma 

Resource Guide

Please email us to gain access to our resource guide

Share Your Story

Please email us to learn how you can be featured on our official Motherhood & Mental Health Website. 

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