Emotional Support Animal Letter

Emotional Support Animals provide comfort to their owners, helping them cope with symptoms associated with mental health diagnosis or emotional disturbances. ESA's are pivotal for someone with a mental health diagnosis such as anxiety, depression PTSD Etc. 

Be assessed and obtain your ESA letter today! 


Who can write my letter?

You will be connected to a licensed clinician in Ohio. Your appointed clinician will complete a virtual assessment to ensure an ESA would be a helpful component to your personalized treatment plan. 


How soon can I have my letter

Have your assessment and letter within 24hours. If approved by the licensed clinician, you can have access to a printable ESA letter. 


ESA and Housing

Your letter will be Fair Housing Act Compliant. 

*All ESA letters provided are intended for housing purposes only. 



$150- ESA Letter ( within 72 hours) 

$175- ESA Letter ( with 24 Hours of your assessment ) 

$200- ESA Letter + additional paperwork needed for landlords 


How do I receive my Letter? 

You will received a printable PDF file of your letter which will include the clinicians name, licensure # and contact information via email.   



You will received a printable copy of resources with your letter.