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Our Goal

Thank you for showing interest in our services and congratulations on taking steps to improving your mental health. Overall our role is to assist you with processing and working through any significant life changes, past or current traumas, emotional or behavioral instability. We will assist you in making clear and reasonable goals for yourself and support you as you become a better you for yourself, friends and family.

Telling a stranger your life problems can be challenging. This is why we’ve created a safe, judgment free space for you to be vulnerable but feel comfortable in doing so. Serenity Therapy Services number one goal is to help individuals, couples and families establish a sense of peace.  We create a safe space for you to be open and receive the help that you deserve. We offer services to adolescents, teens and adults who may struggle with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, life adjustments, behavioral issues or maternal mental health and social issues associated with motherhood.


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